I'm drawn to the creation of images that tell a story.  When I moved to Arran in 2010 to work as a GP, I found myself surrounded by opportunities to develop my photography portfolio.  Being involved with emergency care and mountain rescue allowed me to gain experience in documentary work, as well as nature and landscape genres.  Over time I was asked to cover events such as community and sporting events, including some editorial assignments.  I have enjoyed building skills to shoot a wide variety of subjects and in very varied lighting conditions, from capturing football & rugby in bright sunlight, to production photography with stagelights.

I moved to East Lothian in July 2019 and have continued to photograph a variety of subjects.  In 2021/22 I have provided photography for groups including the Wave Project Scotland, parkrun (Lochend Woods in Dunbar) and Sangstream Scots Folk Choir.  I am able to cover a small number of community events without any charge - please contact me using the CONTACT form from the menu above if you think I can help.

I'm always delighted to receive feedback on my images, and so please feel free to add a comment.  I try to keep my work varied and developing, andI aim to keep this site  updated as an active portfolio.  You can follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter @davidrhogg.  My professional profile is available at http://www.davidrhogg-gp.com .

A word about selling photos...

I do not intend to earn a living from photography.  Latterly I have  been fortunate to  mentor and support others who are keen to develop their skills and experience in photography, and this is something that I find extremely rewarding.  Having a portfolio website has opened up the opportunity of enabling products like prints and canvases to be ordered directly from the site, and the prices seem reasonable for the quality offered by Loxley Printing Labs in Glasgow. 

As a result of this sales feature I stand to make a small profit on any sales from this website.  However, I recognise the importance of opening up opportunities in photography for others, and so any profit gained is intended to be used to help others develop their interest.  It's not charity, but I thought I might add a note about my intentions for this.

Profile pic about was taken by Kirstie Smith  - follow her on Instagram for some amazing Arran landscape and other shots from Arran, or take a look at her website www.afocusforadventure.co.uk

What equipment do I use?

I'm a firm believer that the best camera is the one you have with you.  It's important not to get too hung up about equipment, however the technology that is now available at all stages of photographic workflow is impressive and increasingly accessible.  I shoot with Canon (7D2, 6D2 and 60D bodies) and have a range of wide angle and telephoto lenses - favourites are the 16-35L and 100-400L.  I also have a Fujifilm XT1 for travel and I've really enjoyed working with that, not least for its sharpness and dynamic range.  Post-processing is done with Lightroom on a Mac.

I have recently learned more about printing, colour correction, mounting and exhibiting, and I output this to a Canon iP8750 A3 printer.

Why are some of my images watermarked?

This happens for two reasons. Recently I have been collaborating with and mentoring other photographers, some of whom rely on income from their work. For this reason some of the images will be watermarked, but I will leave details on how clean images can be obtained when that is the case.

The other reason is basic protection of intellectual rights. Lots of images seem to be copied or used without appropriate credit and yet portfolio images have often required considerable time to shoot and post-process. Watermarking is one way of ensuring that credit is given when due. I am happy for local charities and similar organisations to use my images royalties-free. Please get in touch if you think I can help.

Want to have a chat?

If you think I can help by shooting your event - especially if you are a group or charity in East Lothian  - please let me know.  I enjoy the challenge of working to a brief.  Feel free to get in touch: click on CONTACT above.  

Other photographers who inspire me...

David Duchemin - davidduchemin.com

Thomas Heaton - on Youtube

Lyndsey Addario - www.lynseyaddario.com

Don McCullin - donmccullin.com

Zoe Hamill - zoehamill.com

Recommended Scottish photographic inspiration...

Street Level Photoworks (Glasgow) - www.streetlevelphotoworks.org

Stills Gallery (Edinburgh) - www.stills.org

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